Anansi Charter School - Students

Students at Anansi Charter School:

Anansi Charter School provides a free public educational choice to students of all ability levels and educational needs from grades kindergarten through eight. Anansi Charter School enrolls twenty to twenty-two students per grade level with an overall cap of 198 students.  Anansi selects students through a non-biased lottery process as prescribed by New Mexico state statute.

Anansi’s intent for its students:

At Anansi Charter School, we are dedicated to providing students with an innovative, empowering and rigorous learning environment that nurtures the whole child. ACS hopes to inspire each student to reach beyond his or her self to achieve his or her full potential.


ACS students will learn to demonstrate respect for themselves and others; through their educational experiences at the Anansi Charter School, they will learn to make appropriate choices and accept responsibility for their own actions. Students will develop and maintain skills in the area of self-discipline and self-management. Students will become knowledgeable of the norms, expectations, and social needs of the school community, and will develop an intrinsic sense of social responsibility toward its school community. Consequently, students will take ownership of their “school community” and their education available to them.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”
― Margaret Mead

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