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Dear Parents,

This year Anansi will offer a Summer Reading Program! It will begin and end with a “Book Blitz.” We are kicking off our program with a book exchange (aka Book Blitz) and goodie bags. Every student that turns in a log to their next year’s teacher will receive a treat, and everyone will have the opportunity to trade books once again at the start of next year. All information for our summer reading program can be found on our website, A special thanks to our Seventh Graders, Samahni Bouchey and Hannah Rane, for setting up the the links!

The goodie bag has a reading log, a magnet to keep it posted in a visible spot, a pencil and a colorful bookmark. More copies of the reading log can be found on our website, which also includes recommended summer reading list by grade level, and resources for finding books by lexile score (from MAP tests). There are also a few links for other reading programs that you might enjoy.

Please bring in a few (1-10) books that you think students in grades K-7 might enjoy. Everyone will go home with a few new books, regardless of how many were brought in for the book blitz. Everyone’s participation will make this a fun event! Please send in books on Tuesday, May 24th.

“Research shows that children's skills decline when they do not actively read during the summer. . .If we can connect children with the right books, many of them can avoid this backslide and continue building their reading skills.” article: a summer reading program that works

According to a research study on reading, all it takes is 15 minutes a day of independent reading to help curb this loss. Children benefit from free time in the summer to relax and enjoy reading, so make it fun!

Reading Lists


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Second Grade

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Reading Logs
Here are some tips:
  • Set a good example! Keep lots of reading material around the house and limit distractions, such as TV and video games.
  • Take your child to the library regularly.
  • Subscribe to magazines that are of interest to your child, like Sports Illustrated for Kids, Highlights for Children and National Geographic.
  • Institute a quiet reading time for the whole family to read independently.;
  • Listen to books in the car.
  • Read aloud to your children, even if they are fluent readers.
  • If your child is going to camp send lots of books along.
  • Offer fun places for reading: in a pillow fort, at the pool, at the park, on car trips, in a tent outside - at night - with a flashlight!

  • Thank you for your support and have a wonderful summer!!
    Kendra Peralta
    Reading Coach

The code for this page was created by graduating seventh graders Samahni Bouchey and Hannah Rane, who studied web design in a school elective class taught by Oban Lambie of Brown Rice Internet.