Anansi offers a playground with a variety of equipment and surfaces for students to build skills, think creatively, and challenge themselves. The playground includes swings, a multi-purpose play structure, a climbing wall, monkey bars, two basketball courts, a tree fort, tether ball, soccer field, track, and fitness stations.



Library and Computer Labs:
Since the facility is divided between the primary and intermediate grades, there is a library to meet the needs, reading levels, and interests in each facility. The primary grade library includes, books, magazines, and digital media, and a parent library, it also offers a Smartboard for interactive instruction and presentation. The intermediate grade library offers nearly 3000 fiction and non-fiction titles and reference materials as well as appropriate magazines for the intermediate grade student. This library also includes a computer lab that is shared by the kindergarten through third grade classes and a projector and screen for instruction. A lap top lab is then part of the 4th and 5th grade classrooms.

Multi-Purpose Room: The school has a beautiful multi-purpose room with large windows and doors that open to a large portal and beautifully landscaped lawn.  This space serves as a cafeteria, art room, and movement/dance performance space. 

Classrooms: Each classroom is spacious (exceeding minimum square footage requirements) and offers a great deal of natural light. In the kindergarten and first grade classrooms there are tables and chairs to provide seats for all students and adequate floor space for instruction that requires large manipulative materials, while the second through fifth grade classrooms provide each student with an individual desk as well as instructional floor space. All classrooms are equipped with a variety of instructional mainpulatives, classroom libraries, computers, sinks and counters, and bathrooms. All needs are met within the classrooms to provide seamless instruction. 

Special Education Classroom and Therapy Spaces:  Anansi provides targeted instruction in a small resource room setting for students with special needs and provides small quiet spaces for reading therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. 

Overall Campus: The Anansi Charter school is nestled below the dramatic Sangre de Cristo Mountains in a rural pastoral setting. The campus sits back from the road and is surrounded by pastures and low lying adobe structures in residential area north of Taos. There is a primary grade facility that contains the kindergarten through second grade classrooms, the special education spaces, primary grade library, multi-purpose room and administrative offices. It is connected to the intermediate grade facility by a sidewalk that leads students through landscaped yards and the playground. The intermediate grade facility then houses the third through fifth grade students along with a library and computer lab. A wrap around portal leads into a courtyard and children’s garden where students enjoy an outdoor work space. The separation is intentional so that the unique needs and maturational difference between the ages can be nurtured.